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  • Anti Glare Blue Light Glasses
  • Anti Glare Blue Light Glasses
  • Anti Glare Blue Light Glasses
  • Anti Glare Blue Light Glasses
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  • Anti Glare Blue Light Glasses
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  • Anti Glare Blue Light Glasses

Style V Blue Light Glasses

(6 customer reviews)

$69.69 $49.95



These anti glare blue light glasses with different lenses option will help you ease the effects of blue/ultraviolet light exposure.

This is the protection that you need when using computers, gaming consoles, and smartphones!

Improve your health by wearing one of these eyeglasses!

  • Lightweight frame and comfortable to wear;
  • Works well blocking blue light ultraviolet when using computer, smartphone and iPad
  • Reduces eye strain;
  • Fashionable in style;
  • Gives relief when you’re having a headache and/or dry eyes; and
  • Suitable for both men and women.

Condition — Brand New and High Quality
Type — Anti Glare Blue Light Glasses

6 reviews for Style V Blue Light Glasses

  1. Chariez

    I used the blue light to shine through the glasses and was amazed that it actually worked.

  2. jasmine

    I love that these are blue light blocking but they look like normal glasses! Glasses also come with a little test that shows you how it blocks out the blue light AND a case with a cleaning towel for the glasses. You get great quality for the price and cute style. I bought these for my husband who works in front of a computer and I will definitely get a pair for myself when I begin my web design program!

  3. Britney O

    At first, I honestly didn’t think it worked because I couldn’t tell a difference from my normal eyes with the glasses on with the screen. But clearly, it does! Without the testing light and stuff I totally would’ve returned and called it phony. But I’m sure over time I’ll tell more of a difference when wearing it and when not.

  4. Natalie

    brought it to work to show everyone the blue light trick. I try not to wear it all day since I don’t know any long term effects since I don’t need glasses. They are great I do notice a less eye fatigue. I worked long hours last week and my eyes were sharp on the computer screen all day!

  5. Chantel

    Works well! It feels like I do not have any glasses on which is amazing. I have great vision however, I work on the computer all day and I noticed I was getting blurry vision. My husband recommended I try these and I love them! I am all abloyr protecting my eyes and want to avoid any future problems.

  6. Dindin

    The product funality is pretty solid. I don’t feel much of a difference in picture/resolution/clarity while wearing these, but my eyes do seem be less tired than normal after an 8 hour work day staring at the computer.

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