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  • Deep Blue and Pink Frame (With Clear Lens)
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  • Black Frame (With Red Legs)
  • Deep Blue Frame (With Yellow Legs)

Kids Blue Light Glasses

$59.69 $39.95



Our Kids Blue Light Glasses products will help your children ease the effects of blue/ultraviolet light exposure. Available in colors and designs that kids love! Made in lightweight but high quality materials, and is very comfortable to wear.

Protect the health of your kids by getting one of these eyeglasses!

  • Lightweight frame that is comfortable to wear;
  • Lenses are clear;
  • No colour distortion;
  • Comfortable and very flexible;
  • Blocks the harmful blue light;
  • Reduces eyestrain and headache; and
  • Fits for children only

Condition — Brand New
Material —Silicon, TPE, Anti-Blue Light Lenses
Size — Frame Length: 118mm; Lens Width: 45mm; Lens Height: 99mm; Bridge: 17mm; Legs: 126mm
Type — Blue-blocking Glasses


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